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Floating Gardens is an online gathering, located in various nodes within the phisical territory. It's an interactive 3D space which creates a neutral ground, which people can explore through navigation in a zero gravity environment and chat anonymously with other users realtime. The Garden is rendered stereoscopically to augment the three dimensional sensation of its inhabitants. Floating Gardens is then a space technology that arises the possibility for encounter and exchange, providing fertile soil for surface democratization. The idea is to place the nodes in such locations in which stratified structural differences will produce emergent phenomena in communication. So far: a jailhouse, the World Trade Center [Mexico City] and Museo de Arte Alameda have hosted the Floating Gardens simultaneously at Transitio MX02.



The implementation consists of an application [Linux or Windows] including the 3D world and chat client: a server should be set. The application was built with the Blender Game Engine. The chat client application uses the BZoo API. You also need Python 2.5



Design and Interaction:
Luis Hernandez Galvan, Anne-Marie Schleiner
Chat Implementation:
Eric Werkhoven
Jail coordination: Eder Castillo             
WTC coordination: Rene Hayashi
Museum coordination: Anne-Marie Schleiner, Luis Hernandez Galvan
Video: Anne-Marie Schleiner, Luis Hernandez Galvan

. jardines flotantes / floating gardens



This project was made possible through the support of Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA – FONCA), Centro Nacional de las Artes and Centro Multimedia: Commissioned for the Programa de Apoyos a la Produccion e Investigacion en Arte y Medios. Presented in the Internacional Exhibition (in)comunidades of TRANSITIO_MX 02 Festival of Electronic Arts and Video 2007.

Thanx to PA61 for the facilities during Jardines' installment.